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Make Way for Ducklings Field trip

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We had so much fun at the Boston Public Garden going on the swan boats and venturing on a scavenger hunt! We ended the trip wth a nice picnic lunch. Thank you to all the chaperones that helped out! What a nice way to end our school year.

Word Study Games

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During Reading Workshop, students have had the option to play word study games! They are taking all that they’ve learned about words and putting them into context with the games. Some games work on building in defining words, where they gain practice using a dictionary. Other games work on building sentences, and allow them to play around with vocabulary and sentence structure.

Kidz Quest

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Kidz Quest is based off of Google’s “Genius Hour” in which the company found it’s employees to be more productive if they were given one hour each day to work on any project of their choice. This concept applauds creativity as well as a growth mindset. Students have been working once a week with Ms. P on investigating topics of their choice, and then presenting their ...

Mexican Artwork

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As part of our Mexico unit, students have been studying lots about the culture of Mexico, including traditional Mexican art! After learning about the history behind Amante Bark artwork, students tried it out for themselves!

Pajama Party

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We had a blast at our pajama day! Students worked very hard to earn this party. We spend the day in our pjs, taught our stuffed animals about what we were learning, and watched Secret Life of Pets!


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We have been celebr wing the end of poetry ,onto by writing our own poems! Students completed a first draf, then thought of creative ways to display their completed poems! Come check them out in the hallway!

Kids Quest!

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This Thursday we had our first Kids Quest with Ms. P! We are going to be having Kids Quest every Thursday afternoon and get to explore our wonders and work on showing grit!

Sneaky -e

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This week we continued to work on the "sneaky -e" rule. When a word has a vowel, consonant, then e at the end, the e is silent and type vowel says it’s name! Today, students each got a picture and had to decide if the picture word was a sneaky -e word or not!

Non-Fiction Research

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Students have been working hard on researching their non-fiction topics. They are using books, articles, and online resources to help us find answers to our wonder questions! Then, the students are using post-its and graphic organizers to record the answers they’ve found. Stay tuned as we continue chugging along to create non-fiction books of our own!

Outdoor Shadows & the Sun

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We have been exploring with outdoor shadows this week! On Monday, we went outside at 3 different times throughout the day. We observed how our shadows changed throughout the day depending on the location of the sun!