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Writing Sentences

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We have been learning that telling sentences answer the question, "Who did what?" We have written several examples based on illustrations in books. The students open to the page of their choice and write about what they see.

In this video, the children were each given a fiction or nonfiction book featuring animals. They then selected a page and wrote a telling sentence about an ...

Learning in Literacy

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1R readers and writers have been working hard on their reading, writing and spelling skills.  We implement the work we are doing in Fundations in a wide variety of literacy activities!

Walking in the Hallways at Baker

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We are working hard on how to walk quietly in the hallways at Baker School.  Take a look at how well we are doing!

Building 3-D Figures

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1R mathematicians used clay and toothpicks to build 3-D figures.  We recorded our work on our individual student blogs.

Observing Crickets

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1R scientists were excited to observe our class crickets.  We looked carefully and drew what we saw in our science notebooks.  We also wrote about one of our observations alongside a new question we have.

Evacuation Drill a Succcess

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Baker School did an incredible job with the evacuation practice.  We were proud to participate alongside our fellow bulldogs!

More Sound Investigations

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We continued to investigate sound.  To discover the link between length and sound, we played a range of instruments including boomwhackers, a ukulele, a piano, xylophones, and pipes.  Many thanks to Ms. Moy and Mrs. Meyers for their help with this work.  Even Dr. Brown joined in the fun!


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1R coders learned the term, debugging, and had a chance to debug some programs.  It was fun to have Patsy the Programming Pig and Hero Bear on hand to learn alongside us!

5Kar Buddies

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We loved meeting our 5th grade buddies.  We discovered that we had lots of things in common!

1R Celebrates Convocation

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We loved joining with the Baker School community to celebrate the beginning of our school year.  We brought along Hero Bear to participate in this important tradition.