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Trying Triangles

1R Class Blog 0 Comment(s) Math


1R mathematicians investigated the question: If you connect any three dots, will you always make a triangle?  Students drew triangles of every size in their math notebooks as they worked through this challenge.

Comparing Figures

1R Class Blog 0 Comment(s) Math


We compared figures, noting both similarities and differences.  Examining these attributes, helps us develop our geometric understandings.

Introducing Grit

1R Class Blog 0 Comment(s) Social Studies


We read the classic book, The Little Engine That Could, as the culminating story in our Growth Mindset curriculum.  The little engine never gave up…he showed what we call grit.  Grit means being brave enough to keep trying, even when things are hard.  We will try to show grit every day in first grade!

The Importance of Making Mistakes

1R Class Blog 0 Comment(s) Science, Social Studies, Writing


We learned how important it is to make mistakes to grow our brains as part of our Growth Mindset curriculum.  We read the book, The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes, and wrote about a time we made a mistake.

Move It!  Move It!

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We broke into three teams to do some offline programming.  Students wrote programs to help a student move from the starting spot to a secret smile hidden below one of the rectangles on the grid.  We tried to direct our classmate using the fewest possible steps!

Meet Patsy the Programming Pig!

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We were so excited to meet Patsy the Programming Pig!  Patsy loves learning important coding concepts with us.  This past week, she helped us understand what an algorithm is.

Building Rectangles with Squares

1R Class Blog 0 Comment(s) Math


1R mathematicians used square tiles to build rectangles in math.  Some students even created rectangular prisms!

Practicing to Stretch Our Brains

1R Class Blog 0 Comment(s) Science


We modeled what happens in our brains when we practice skills.  Students rolled yarn across the rug to represent each time a skill is done.  With each roll, we could see the connection in our brain growing stronger.

Using Hand Lenses

1R Class Blog 0 Comment(s) Science


1R students used hand lenses to observe and record details of our mystery seeds in our science notebooks.


1R Class Blog 0 Comment(s) Fundations


Fundations is an important daily routine in 1R.  First graders review letters and sounds, build words, and learn spelling and grammar rules.  The best part is that the games and routines in the program make learning fun!