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International Dot Day

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We loved reading the Peter Reynolds book, The Dot.  On September 15, we joined with other classes around the world to celebrate International Dot Day.  This is a day that highlights the importance of each person making his/her mark.  We also worked together to create a huge dote made of smaller detailed ones.  This project is currently hanging in the hallway outside of our ...

What Does a Scientist Look Like?

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We drew what we think scientists look like with a focus on where they are and what they are doing.  Over the next few weeks, we will be learning how to work as scientists ourselves.

Sorting in Math

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We worked in pairs to sort emojis by attributes in multiple ways.  Comparing and categorizing these images helps build critical thinking skills.

Self Portraits

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We drew self portraits to be used for our individual student blogs.  We are excited to share our work online with the world!

Building Our Classroom Community

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On the first day of school, 1R students worked collaboratively to decorate a giant paper fish with small red fish using crayons and markers.  This project gave us a great chance to share a common goal as we started to get to know one another.

Observing Outdoor Shadows

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We traced the shadow made by a chain link fence on a sunny morning to observe how shadows change over time.  We played shadow tag at different times as well to see how outdoor shadows shrink and grow over the course of a day.  Then, we modeled our observations in class to connect the movement of the sun with the changes in the shadows we observed.

Butterfly Release

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It was a beautiful day for our butterfly release!  1R students observed these amazing animals as they went through their life cycle stages in our classroom.  Because they had already laid their eggs, the butterflies were docile enough so that many students had the chance to hold them before they flew away.

Ward's Pond Visit

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We loved learning more about insects at Ward’s Pond, on a special trip sponsored by the Brookline Recreation Department.

1R Panda Story

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Starting Fractions

1R Class Blog 0 Comment(s) Math


We are starting a new math unit on fractions. We learned what equal parts of a pizza and other shapes look like, and how to write the fraction.